The Yoga of Gardening: Clear weeds before planting flowers, the work is worth it.

In order for flowers and plants to grow in any garden, you must keep the ground healthy. This involves digging in the dirt to clear the weeds, keeping the soil moist with fresh water, and having a balance of sunshine and shade.

Five benefits of gardening connected with well-being and yoga.

1. Do the inner work for fresh growth.

Pulling weeds out of the ground that are growing next to plants is essential work in order for the plants to stay healthy and thrive. In order to thrive in my daily life, I have to do the work of “pulling weeds”, releasing the mind chatter and practicing mindfulness. Grounding in the present moment with a deep breath is the base of growth.

2. A beautiful and healthy garden grows with a balanced variety of plants and nutritious soil.

Truth be told, nothing really works unless you’re willing to put in the work, including yoga. There are times when it’s uncomfortable to practice a pose, and it’s important to listen deeply to that discomfort. What do you hear?

3. Pull up weeds and plant fresh seeds.

Pulling weeds from the ground is similar to releasing stale thoughts and mind chatter, it’s work. It may not be easy or fun to get dirty and haul the weeds away. In fact, it can be heavy work. Practicing mindfulness takes a keen awareness to notice the subtle signs of growth (or lack of growth). Plant fresh thoughts (seeds) with a deep breath. You can change the story.

4. Growth is perfectly imperfect.

Even with daily work watering, weeding, tilling the soil for fresh growth, a storm arrives and there is too much water, or plants may become parched without enough sunshine. Gardening is a beautiful reminder that when we do the work, we will keep growing even when circumstances are not “perfect”. What you are watering the garden of your mind with?

5. A balanced garden is temporary.

The real practice is when you step off the mat, balancing effort and ease (Sthira and Sukha) in the garden of the world. There are times extra effort is required, to work hard and push forward. Then there are times it is necessary to pause, rest, and release all effort. Balance is elusive and never permanent.

A short yoga practice is a great way to reset and balance the day. Align Your Flow has 10-minute yoga classes to build consistency into your day with an accessible yoga practice on demand, anytime.

With just 10-minutes a day, you can feel better in your body and mind.

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What are you ready to weed out, nurture and grow? You can let me know below in the comments.

Sending you love and light!