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Hi there, I’m Marla!

Imagine having improved fitness and sense of well-being.

Practicing yoga has brought a wealth of benefits to me.  I hope to work with you to help you meet your goals.

Why choose MarlaYoga?

I had a very weak back that was prone to injury. A lot of times I had pain just standing or sitting. Things are much improved. I am more flexible and getting stronger every week. My core and back are so much better I actually have my life back.

My biggest win is having exercises that can release tension and stop pain pretty much immediately!

Marla is very careful and believes in taking things slow. This was very important for my recovery. I have tried other yoga instructors, who pushed me to do things I was not ready to do and caused more damage. Marla emphasizes doing things the correct way, instead of just doing them however your body can. This is important for someone like me that has a lot of compensating going on. By forcing yourself to do poses correctly you have to use those muscles that are weak, and then they become stronger over time rather than just putting more strain where it’s not meant to be. I highly recommend working with Marla!”


“I have been practicing Yoga for many years. On my journey I had many instructors, workshops and private classes. I took one class with Marla and that was it. She is an incredible guide. Her techniques and the way she teaches helped me to understand and apply alignment right after a pose transition. Her connection between mind, breath is unique.
She is incredible.”

Magdalena G.

“Marla is an incredible Yoga Instructor and I am so fortunate I have been able to take a few of her classes virtually since I live across the nation in Florida. She is extremely descriptive in explaining the different yoga poses and really enables you to trust your body throughout the flow of the different moves. My hip was hurting a lot from a running accident and after only two of Marla’s yoga classes, I feel almost as good as new. I am very fortunate to have met Marla & look forward to attending more of her classes in the weeks to come! Thank you Marla for sharing your greatness with the world!”

Caitlin S.

“Marla and I taught yoga at a studio near Lincoln Center in New York City for several years, and I have been practicing and teaching yoga for over 15 years. I have also been her student and Marla is an exceptional Yoga Teacher! She exemplifies yoga principles of respect, steadfastness and deep commitment to personal practice. She clearly appreciates and attends to individual needs without compromising high standards and discipline. Marla is a well-regarded and experienced yoga teacher who will help you take your practice to the next level while having lots of fun.”

A. Ortiz

“When I started practicing yoga, I wanted to challenge myself physically and also grow spiritually. I have found that Marla is good at providing both of these in a nice balance. She listens to her students and works with them to further their yoga practice. Marla is a warm and nurturing teacher who can help beginners to advanced practitioners.”

Patti P.

“Thanks to Marla, I was able to turn the negative of my injury into a double positive — I have learned to love the practice of yoga and have been able to share that with our 12-year-old daughter.  We have both benefited from the focus, calming, strengthening and flexibility that comes with this practice.  Marla is an outstanding yoga instructor.  I highly recommend her!”

M. Vandow

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