Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way.

Is there something you have been dreaming about, wishing for, or ready to change? If you can dream it, you can do it! Connect with your deep inner creativity and confidence. Nourish your spirit and flex the muscles of your mind. Know that there’s no task too big or small if it pertains to what you love. Every step of the journey, even the bumps and valleys, brings you closer to your heart’s desire.

Here is the formula to harness the power of intention to achieve your heart’s desire.

1.  Get clear on what you want to bring into your life. Journal and write down words that best reflect your heart’s deepest desire, then create simple, actionable steps. What do you want to accomplish? Why is the goal important? Who is involved? Where is it located? Which resources or constraints are involved?

2.  Make SMART goals. SMART is an acronym that you can use to guide your goal setting.

SMART Goals are:

•  SPECIFIC — What are you manifesting; what will you achieve? Be clear with what you are intending.

•  MEASURABLE — How will you decide you have met the goal?

•  ATTAINABLE — Do you align with this goal in your heart? Do you have resources, connections, or skills for this?

•  RELEVANT — How will the result matter to you?

•  TIME-BOUND — Is there an end time when you want to see results?

3.  Commit to your intention with compassion for yourself.

4.  Persevere. There will always be unexpected circumstances that are challenging.

5.  Pause, breathe, and know that you can begin again.

With focus and using time and resources with clear intention, you can move into the flow of achieving what you want in life.


✅  A yoga retreat is a self-care opportunity to nurture yourself, relax, refresh, and grow into fresh possibilities.

✅  A short yoga practice is a great way to reset and balance the day.  10-minute yoga classes bring consistency with calm into your day with an accessible yoga practice on demand, anytime. Fresh themes in each week of classes you can practice on your own time with journal prompt/reflections.

What are you ready to flow into your life with a deep breath? You can let me know below in the comments. 

Sending you love and light!