I was perusing The New York Times classified ads (yes, this really was a thing) when a logo and blurb caught my attention: “MAD Magazine, Production Artist wanted.” After going on numerous interviews at various publishing companies in The Big Apple, I thought; This looks cool. Is it a joke? Probably lots of people applying for this job, but hey, I might as well try.

Living in the city that never sleeps taught me this: Growth mindset starts with YES.

I learned this early on, with lots of tears and deep frustration. New York City is so BIG! It is always moving, always flowing, always changing. Rollerblading through Central Park, I all at once felt vibrant, full of possibilities, and scared. Stepping outside was noisy, active, exciting, and even dangerous. I had a plethora of choices to navigate, by myself.

The biggest candy store ever was right outside my door with museums, shows, restaurants, movies filmed on location, live entertainment, an endless list. But choices didn’t arrive if I sat in my Manhattan (teeny tiny studio) apartment. I had to get out there, even though it felt really scary. Yes, this was hard work coming from Bozeman, Montana after graduating from Montana State University in 1991.

I had to dive deep into my knowing that in order to create fresh possibilities and thrive, I had to try new things, explore, get lost, meet new people, and ride the subway. And in time, it wasn’t so scary. I embraced one of the biggest cities in the world and discovered; I could navigate scary new things, have fun along the way, grow, and THRIVE.

Risks. Change. Opportunities. Failures. Getting back up on your feet. These all go hand in hand with a growth mindset. There is no change without risk taking. There is no personal growth or evolution without surpassing challenges and learning something new after navigating the unknown.

I have learned, in the way of taking risks, to trust myself more. To dive deep within and listen to what my heart and soul are saying. My yoga practice has a lot to do with all of this. I discovered that a short, 10-minute yoga practice with consistency builds steady growth with inner peace. It has been magical to see my goals bloom and thrive with a growth mindset, hard work, and dedication with consistency.

Having a growth or fixed mindset not only affects the way we feel, it can also affect what we achieve, whether we stick to new habits, or if we will go on to create something new.

What, Me Worry?

I was offered the Production Artist job at MAD Magazine, and my answer was YES! But seriously, I thought my interview had totally flopped. When MAD editors John Ficarra and Nick Meglin asked, “Do you read MAD Magazine?” my answer was Ummmm, I’ve read a few issues of MAD that my aunt sent me. I went home thinking another interview bites the dust. Turns out, MAD was looking for a person with sense of humor and graphic design skills, not a “MAD fan.” It was a deep dive lesson for me to do the work, then release all expectations.

Life flows in ways we can’t imagine.

You can nurture a growth mindset at a yoga retreat . It’s an opportunity to build your self-care, relax, refresh, and grow into fresh possibilities.

Sending you love and light!