Spring into Your Creative Potential and Open Up to Possibility

1. Try something new — embrace a new habit for a fresh perspective.

Ignite your creative spark by trying something new! Something new could be a shift in your daily routine, exploring a different yoga pose, trying a new food, taking a different route to the store…Change is the base of creative thinking. Yes, building new habits is work. It may feel easier to stick with what is known. In order to open new gates, exploring a new direction with different habits is the key.

Your yoga practice is your gateway to a fresh perspective and creating something new. With an open and expansive mindset, creative ideas thrive. Each and every time you practice a yoga pose is the very first time, an opportunity to learn something new. What is the yoga pose teaching you?

Consistency is important, even while trying new things. You can build consistency with a short 10-minute yoga practice each day.

2. Set your intention — plant your seed.

Know deeply that you have a seed with true potential already within you. Your seed is ready to take root and come to fruition with your nurturing. The way you begin something has a great effect on the outcome. Start where you are with a deep breath. Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. What would you like to grow?

To start your yoga practice and grow your seed of intention, first find a distraction-free space outdoors or in your home. Encourage yourself to breathe and move intuitively, which may help you connect with creativity to flow deeper in tune with your seed of intention.

3. Nurture your seed of intention with love, gratitude, and affirm that you’ve got this!

All potential is within you. The way you cultivate this seed has a great effect on how the seed will grow and bloom.

• Breathe deeply and “till the ground” to prepare for your seed of intention.

• Plant the seed of intention you want to grow with gratitude, and a fresh mindset.

• Nurture your seed of potential with affirmations and love.

• Let your seed be in the ground. You don’t have to check your seed every minute. Know deeply that your seed is growing.

• Believe in your seed and live your life.

• As your seed begins to sprout out of the ground, shower it with lots of love, gratitude, and affirmations.

• Allow those creative juices to flow by releasing attachment to the outcome.

3. If you get tired, rest, don’t quit.

It’s important to practice self-care consistently.

Are you ready to try something new to reach your creative potential? Would you like to relax, refresh, and grow your possibilities to achieve your dreams?

A yoga retreat is a self-care opportunity to nurture yourself, relax, refresh, and grow into fresh possibilities.

What are you ready to nurture and grow? You can let me know below in the comments.

Sending you love and light!